A downloadable game for Windows

Game Developed by TeamSix from UDG (Students).

twitter: @SixUdg


A summer afternoon has become a nightmare. A family from Girona will find out very soon. 

Become a father that is looking for his daughter, discover the secrets of the Dark Descendant and the location where it lives.

WARNING: This game is a student's project. You may find some bugs or errors, let us know in the comments below.


· Movement:                             WASD + Use mouse to look

· Crouch:                                                           Hold Down Key

· Turn ON/OFF the Lantern:                                                     F

· Interact with items:                                                                     E

· Close Item interaction:                                                             X

· Enter cabin:                                                                                      E

· Exit cabin:                                                                                         X

· Run:                                                 Hold Down Left Shift Key

· Open/Close Map Menu:                                                          M


DarkDescendant.zip 632 MB

Install instructions

Just unzip the ZIP file and execute the .exe file.

Development log


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I think the gameplay itself it the best part of the game. The cutscenes were very quick and jarring. Also I don't think it's the visuals themselves but maybe the lighting made the game really hard to look at for me. Maybe there was some kind of filter that my eyes just didn't like? Also one small nitpick I had was the paper noise. It's totally fine that they make noise but the fact that the noise kept going while I was trying to read was very distracting. Cool ideas for sure though. If this was expounded upon I think it would make an awesome hour or so experience. Thank you for making the game!

Scary game but has some bugs to make it playable just fix some bugs and well good concept! 

It bugged on me but I died anyways so it fixed itself. I liked it, it was nice and scary.


What is system requirements for this game 


Was interesting. But was not interesting enough for me to try again. Overall I liked it. 

Guys I played this game on my channel and it terrified me. Check it out 16:52 

Very interesting game. I liked the audio cues for certian items but I couldn't figure out how to use the batteries. Unless it's automatic and I just suck at it. Visuals were nice and soundtrack was good as well. All around good game. Good job!

Your game had a neat soundtrack and hidden lore that I really liked. The ending had me upset though.

A neat little game , it was creepy and fascinating even if it was a short game , it was fairly simple working out the monsters patterns and it did help having audio clues and making the keys jingle to help locate where they were.

The torch was not really necessary it was easy to navigate around without it , it may be better having the lighting down a fraction more ,other than that a great little game.


Interesting game, was scary the first few minutes, but once you figure the AI out you can easily avoid him.

 unless you're an idiot like me and run directly into him

Overall, not bad, was fun to play!


The game seems like a demo storywise. I got a bug where the monster just stays in place, so I couldn't really play the game how it was supposed to be played. 


This was good, found a few non game breaking problems that are an easy fix.

SKIP TO 17:17!!!

It was a good game, I truly liked it!

The enemy has a good patrol dynamic, but the difficulty level is very low.  It is hard for him to see you and when he does you can out run him very easily and just hide for quick seconds. I think if maybe you can make him a little faster and to look for you a little longer, it will make it more challenging.

The ending is confusing, I won't say it here because I don't want to spoil the ones who haven't played yet but maybe a better explanation and a longer animation would give it some extra charm.

Gameplay in general is very good, controllers, speed, crouching... everything runs smoothly, although picking the items sometimes takes 5-6 clicks since there is no pointer and is hard to know when the item is ready to be picked. Maybe increase the "picking distance" if that is a thing? hehehe.

The map, I honestly never understood it... at all. The white rectangles, what does that mean? it doesn't tell you where you are or where you have been. Did I miss something?

Good job overall! 

Please watch my gameplay and subscribe to my channel as support, I'm just starting but I promise to upload horror content daily.


Only downlaods the windows version even though I am on a mac, and does not give the option to download on a mac, even though the platforms available says it can be ran on mac.

yep me too

That's because this is really a Windows-only game. It was kinda being given away in the Install Instructions: "...execute the .exe file."

@TeamSix: nanos, canvieu la descripció de la pàgina i desmarqueu les caixetes de macOS i Linux. Merci.

um was toasted pretty bad so idr what i said probably not good but probably didnt mean it. lol


Pretty solid game. It be nice  to know that picking up notes progresses the game. 

This game was pretty cool. I was hoping for more spooks since my enemy stayed in the main part and didn't follow me at all. Might have been a bug but I enjoyed it. 

Haven't played yet, but from the screenshots, the atmosphere is on point. Dark, dirty, its like SH2. Awesome.


Very cool game! Has it's fair share of bugs but we had a great time playing it. Review coming soon! 


Sorry it took so long to post this on here, Very awesome game! Thank You 


Very fun game! I was way scared of creepy crawler when he first appeared omg ;o;

Thanks for playing our game! We hope you like it!


This was great! Pretty simplistic task, but the monster was scary enough to build anxiety when moving around the house. I enjoyed this! Here's my playthrough:

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Thank you for making a playthrough! We hope that you enjoyed it!


I would 100% recommend this game to you , its not polished but it will get there
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Thanks for your gameplay! Thanks for playing!


It was a pleasure to see this project growing all this time, hope everybody enjoys as much as I enjoyed. Congratulations TeamSix

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Thank you very much for playing Dark Descendant! <3

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:D hope soon full story :P but short beuty


Loved it and its way easy to evade that monster. :))


We hope you enjoyed playing Dark Descendant! <3


Yes Of course :))

Just increase the demon speed a bit :) 


Amazing game dev had so much fun playing it :) i hope you enjoy my gameplay 

Thank you very much! We hope you enjoyed the game.


This is an excellent game, i like the noise of the notes showin where they are but my eyes still failed me haha. Got a bit too cocky with the creature and he got me! Heres some of my gameplay:

P.S im gona beat this hopefully and upload the video, Great job on this project guys!

Thanks! We are wishing to see your video completing Dark Descendant. 


Amazing work, pretty clean! :)

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Thanks mate! You are as cool as a cucumber.